Update #7: Your first weapon.

Its time to introduce the first weapon, you’ll find this in the cave passages leading up to the exit, along with some ammo.


Introducing the CL-86, it fires a 6.5mm caseless munition, the pistol is unique in that the propellent for the round is injected into the chamber at point of firing, also you’ll notice the larger charge cooler at the front to cool the weapon, cooling is necessary with caseless munitions as in a traditional round most of the heat is ejected along with the bullet casing. Using a small round along with the cooling system also enables a reasonably rapid rate of fire, it should be fun !


Obviously this is a futurist weapon and gives a first little clue that you may be somewhere other than Earth, or are you just at a different point in time, or maybe in another dimension. One thing is for sure to find out more you need to get out of the caves………

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