Update #10: Storyline Teaser.

The Hardon Effect

Ok, so I wanted to introduce you to 028 (he/she might get a name later) and the story he/she will tell you. 028 is on your side and will be helping you in your quest, think of 028 as the voice in your ear guiding you, a feature of most modern FPS’s

More on the storyline‚Ķ. well you’ll meet 028 fairly early on in level 2 and he/she will tell you a story, you’ll learn the planet you are on is a test bed. The alien species takes planets, terraforms them in different ways and introduces species to them, they then sit back and study and observe. Hundreds of millions of years ago they terraformed Earth and introduced life, watched life on Earth evolve into the dinosaur period, completed their studies killed off the dinosaurs and created us, the human race.

What they never anticipated was that we’d develop to a point where we have manufactured a machine the Large Hadron Collider capable of creating the exact conditions present at our creation. What we didn’t know was at that point it wasn’t a black hole we created it was a portal back to our creators.

The aliens (our creators) are none to pleased by our developments and so are currently terraforming this, their test bed planet, back to represent conditions on Earth, and developing weapons to kill off the human race. They could just nuke the planet but they’ve invested a lot of time getting it to where it is, they just want rid of the humans so they can start over again.

028 despite being a humanoid created by the aliens has developed a kind of conscience and doesn’t feel happy about their plans and tells you he/she will help you in your quest to prevent the aliens destroying the human race and to get you back home………

The Hardon Effect

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