Update #13: AI, The Enemies.

The Hadron Effect

I’ve started on the first AI enemies, early on Level 2 you’ll encounter some guards as you find your way around this new world. But this game isn’t all about running around shooting things (although don’t worry there will be plenty of that). There will be some challenges along the way in true classic FPS style, finding your way to controls to open up the rest of the game etc.

The Hadron Effect

So I’m deep in AI coding, which if I’m honest is pretty complicated to get right and try to make the enemies as realistic as possible. I think I’m going to need radio chatter and other specific sound effects to get this how I want, hmmm I think I’m going to need a bigger budget !!

Quick tip don’t stand near anything explosive, these guys won’t always be aiming at you! You have been warned !!

Right…..back to it…. more soon !!!

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