2017 Development Update.

I thought it was a good time to give another update, I’m still going !!, not given up at all, I have however, learnt just how hard it can be to develop a game like this with a small team of two in your spare time. Anyway the good news is I’ve entered this years Microsoft Dream, Build, Play:- https://developer.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/projects/campaigns/dream-build-play-challenge 

This means to compete the game has to be available on the windows store by the 31st December 2017, so the pressure is on !

So where are we, well as I’ve said before the core storyline remains the same but along the way I have tweaked it slightly, although all the levels are different from what I have previously posted in here, I’m still going to leave the site the same as a history of what I went through over the years trying to get my dream out there. So as of now the story is as follows:-

You are a scientist at CERN working on the LHC, the LHC power is steadily ramped up until one day at work something goes wrong. At full power, the LHC creates a link, tunnel, worm hole call it what you like to another world and in a flash you are transported to somewhere else. You awake and your surroundings feel strangely familiar at first. It looks like you are outside the lab at work but surrounded by rock and debris from the explosion. What in fact has happened is you are now in the world of our creators and the lab isn’t yours but its duplicate on the creator’s home world. Your task is to get back home to your family but clearly this portal is not going to get you back, so you need to move through this strange new world and find another way home. As you progress you quickly learn something terrifying, our creators want rid of us on Earth and start something new. You discover they are trying to find the best way of ridding Earth of the Human race while preserving other life. So, on your journey you discover the range of their arsenal, experience the legacy of failed experiments, your goal however remains the same, survive this world, foil their plans to render us extinct and find another machine that can get you home to safety.

This final version of the storyline lends itself nicely to my plan of carrying on with the game over the coming years, as such I have split it into episodes which also means I can get it out there being played faster. My original idea of creating the whole game first incorporating all my ideas for the levels was very over ambitious for the resources I have to hand.

Episode 1 which will be completed for Dream build and play comprises of eight levels which lead you from the broken accelerator through some of the underground facilities up to the surface. At the surface you find a vehicle which will allow you to discover the landscape of Episode 2. I have completed all eight of these levels and now I am testing and adding in the final details. I have also created a back end using Microsoft Azure that enables players to simply register and then the game can save your player data. This means you can for instance have more than one player using the same machine, their login identifying them and setting the game up to their current progress and inventory. Also it means you can play on more than one machine, maybe you have a desktop which you play on but then sometimes you want to play on a laptop, well you can, just install the game and login as you and you’ll be just where you left off, same progress, weapons and health etc. So I am busy now finishing everything off to get this game to the store around Christmas.

I will be updating the site more often from now until Christmas and posting where I am up to. In the meantime here are a few pictures from the game…….More soon !!






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