The Hardon Effect

Hi, this is the story of  THE HADRON EFFECT.

I’ve always had a dream of, or an ambition to, create a real first person shooter (FPS) computer game. I’ve been playing them for years but I’ve never got around to fulfilling the ambition. Why ? Well its not easy from a perspective of time, no one has enough of that do they ? Money, well same applies there, just look on Kickstarter.com for an idea of the funding levels required for a really top class game, $100,000 plus and some into the millions.

The Hardon Effect

How to do it?

So I decided to see just how good a game you can actually create just on your own with a reasonably low budget of just £10,000 ($15,000) plus time, lots of time and effort.

Firstly which game engine? I have opted for Unity because that offers me the most for my budget while also delivering the stunning quality I need to be happy with the end results.

Secondly which platforms? Well you know I haven’t really decided fully at the moment I’m thinking PC and Mac, they seem the obvious choices and in particular I’d like to create something that runs well on a Mac which traditionally hasn’t been a natural choice for gamers.

Unity has another great attraction and thats the amount of game assets available as I’m not a graphic artist i’m a programmer, and the budget doesn’t allow for employing one. So I’m going to be mostly using assets available from other developers and using them to compliment my original game concept and plot, hopefully it’ll all work and I’ll have my very own FPS. I’m aiming for a kind of Half-life 2 feel, obviously Valve has a few more resources than me, but hey, lets see what happens!

So the scene is set, I’m equipped with an Apple Mac Book Pro 15″ running OSX 10.8.3, an external monitor, Unity 4.1 Pro licence,  Blender 2.66 (I can just about cope with basic editing and UV mapping) and lastly a copy of Photoshop 11 Elements (seems to do the job for now). So that’s the budget beaten up already, still… lets see how long the remainder lasts.



Well, I wanted to create a game that had elements and themes and subtle links (or completely robbed ideas) from my favourite games and Sci-fi films.

So the plot features you as a scientist working on the LHC (Large Hadron Collider) follow the link if you have never heard of it as the plot will make more sense if you do. So you are working on the LHC and you keep ramping up the energy until one day,  Zap ! You can’t really remember much but you awake in what seems like a candle lit cave. It’s weird because it looks like someone’s been here before and tried to hide away, but from who or from what? Where am I? Where is the lab? The door is barricaded, sunlight streams through but what’s on the other side? Home I hope……………………..well I guess you’ll have to wait and see, but I think getting back home is going to be harder, and take longer than arriving did, and so the game begins.