Adding the polish.

Progress is going well, I’m currently adding some polish, such as ambience and lighting. I’m going through every level enhancing the lighting and adding atmosphere, this consists of things like mist and air particles and checking the shadow qualities.

I’ve added a new crosshair system which displays your Ammo and Health status using a simple traffic light system, green is good amber is getting bad and red is ….well… bad !








This allows you to keep track of your status without looking up to the HUD when the action gets intense. I’ll post some pictures of scenes with the ambience, lighting and shadows added next time.

In addition to this I’m adding physics to some environmental objects like the clutter all around so explosions look more intense as the blast effects these objects. It takes several hours to get these things just right and I’m sure about two minutes to play through, but I always love all the superficial things in games, they make it more believable and more like the real world.

I also need to work on a video for the completion…. so still crazy busy but the end is in sight now !!

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