On this page I’m going to put up some credits and links to the asset developers I have used in the creation of the game.

Unity 3D – The game engine itself, doesn’t really need an introduction, awesome.

Microsoft Azure – Cloud power for login, game saves and storage.

Chris Lines – Title Music by Chris. – Multiple Assets. – Some of the futuristic weapons, I think they look fantastic and are just what I was looking for.

Obviously a lot of coding went into making all the Assets come to life to suit the game, but the Unity Asset Store provided a lot of the components and as such here is a list of my support for the Unity Asset Store:-

Realistic FPS Prefab – Base FPS Controller

Control Freak 2 – Base Input Controls.

Base Login System


Quantum Theory

Manufactura K4

PBR Lockers 

Advanced FPS Counter

AF Street Furniture

The Anti-Cheat Toolkit


Body Bags Pack

Build Report Tool

Buttons Switches and Toggles


Cave System

Character Death Effects


Dynamic Mist and Fog

Control Units

Weapon Attachments

Volumetric Blood

Realistic Fire


Main Weapons

Sewer Maze

Security Cameras


Sentry Gun

Battery Pack

Car Control

Core Menu GUI

Menu GUI

Notice Boards

Modular Fencing

More Fencing

Some Additional Building Model Parts

Loading Screen UI

Lightning bolts

Kitchen Models

Industrial Props


More Effects

Hospital Bed

Health Items

Zombie #2

Spider Bot

Exploding Barrels

Laser Fence

Destructible Props

I try to keep this page as up to date as possible.

Sounds from :-

Arctura – Wilderness Sounds

Dneproman – Big Boss Theme

JuliusMabe – Growling Creature

Benboncan- Alarm Sound

Lalks – Alarm Sound

Hybrid_V – Door Slam

qubodup – Geiger Counter Clicks