Development Update.

I thought it was a good time to give a little bit of an update on progress and the way the game has evolved. Although I have tweaked the game story and content slightly I’m leaving the blog intact as it a bit of history of the development. The games not finished but I have now finalised the structure an I’m not changing it so I can focus on finishing the levels, below is a recap and the level list for the release, I’m trying not to give to much away but I hope its interesting.


Just to recap the games genre is Halflife 2 FPS, when I say that I’m mean it will feel vaguely familiar to those who have played HalfLife. Most of the characters are humanoid the surroundings are earth like but there are sinister undertones. You feel very much like one person on their own with a responsibility on your shoulders. It was never intended as a HalfLife clone or to follow the story in anyway but if you are a fan of HalfLife then hopefully you’ll like this too.


In my story the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) has been in use for sometime, you are one of the scientists working in the LHC programme trying to recreate and study the conditions at the point the universe was created. One day you achieve this, but what you don’t realise is that at the point the conditions are created you open up a path, wormhole, portal call it what you will to somewhere else, another world. In this story the Earth was created by an entity of some form and the portal transports you back to the home world of Earths creators. As the story unfolds you quickly learn that our creators have seen us evolve and create technology, something their first attempt which was prehistoric inhabitants, Dinosaurs etc. had go no where near achieving in the Millions of years they roamed the Earth. Us humans however, in a mere two hundred thousand years have created wonders. Now however, our creators want to put an end to this and move on to their next experiment. So you have a duel role, on the one hand you want to get back home on the other you want to stop the creators exterminating the human race, or else they’ll’ be no home to return to.

What you also learn quickly wandering their home world is they are only looking to rid the earth of the human race, they don’t want to destroy the Earth as a whole, so they are experimenting with the best way of using weapons to only remove humans, so no dropping of nuclear bombs or chemical weapons, to much contamination in that approach.

The game levels and a little insight into each

Chapter 1 – “Awake”








This is the starting point of the game, all you remember is being at work and running up the LHC to full power and bang, you arrive in another lab, the portal explodes and through a hole in the wall you arrive in a cave like formation in the rocks. But someone has been here before….. you recall another couple of scientists who apparently left the project with out warning, this gets you wondering, what happened and where am I ?


Chapter 2 – “Testing Times”

Testing Times







Out from the cave you arrive outside in fresh air at some kind of facility, where are you though ? Being a scientist you think to yourself, its like Earth but where on earth ? there is atmosphere and gravity and sunlight, but a strange mix of terrain, an oasis in a baron landscape a little artificial. Its a guarded facility where humanoid robots are being programmed and repaired, but that’s not all, there are weapons here too, what is going on? You battle your way through the facility while trying to disable the security systems to get further up the hill to a building you can see in the distance.


Chapter 3 – Part 1 “Killing Fields East”, Part 2 “Killing Fields South”

Killing Fields East







You gain access to another part of the facility there is a tall wall, from the top of an adjacent building you can see an area set out for weapons testing, so thats what the robots are for targets for testing the weapons. The only way forward is through the weapon testing areas. Also whilst in the facility you get a first clue to who has been here before, a female scientist you used to work with that disappeared, maybe you find her here………somewhere.


Chapter 4 – “Hometown”








You enter a town it looks intact but out of place in the world you are in, neither the less it’s familiarity of home on Earth fills you with comfort and hope that you’ll figure this out and get back home.


Chapter 5 – “Destroyer of Worlds”

Destroyer of Worlds







The next town fills you with dread and horror, its been destroyed in a terrible way, as you battle the automated defences you discover more shockingly it was once inhabited, but now those inhabitants are in Zombie form terribly diseased, more sinister biological weapons are being developed.


Chapter 6 – “Road to Somewhere”

Road to Somewhere








You find a vehicle and drive it along an old deserted road, well at least it starts off deserted……….


Chapter 7 – “Natural Planet”

Natural Planet







The landscape changes in to lush foilage and although you don’t regonise the flora once again you feel a little close to the Earth you remember. Once again however, the feeling of hope is soon shattered when you discover its not just trees and flowers living in this forest. This is the creators home world in its natural form you must be getting closer to thier core.


Chapter 8 – “Tides Turning”

Tides Turning







You reach the creators base you need to gain entry scupper there plans by destroying their portal their tunnel back to Earth but remember you need to get back too.


Chapter 9 – “The Way Home”

Way Out







Deep inside the central core facility you must find a way home, but once back close the door forever. You need to find their power source and set a chain reaction in progress, but not before you’ve used the portal one last time, this is going to be tough.


Chapter 10 – “Epilogue”

What next, did you succeed? Did you fail ? Or maybe you make one last discovery.


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