Update #8: Working on the HUD.

Hi, no more pictures at the moment, I’m working really hard on the HUD and messaging system, it is taking a little longer than I thought but I’m getting there, more very soon……..


Update #7: Your first weapon.

Its time to introduce the first weapon, you’ll find this in the cave passages leading up to the exit, along with some ammo. Introducing the CL-86, it fires a 6.5mm caseless munition, the pistol...


Update #6: The Cave Exit

So we need a way out of the cave to start level 2 the game proper, I wanted to create a door with sunlight streaming in, but I also want you to have to...


Update #3: First Cavern Finished

Well that’s the first cavern finished, pleased with the candles and the lighting and added ambient cave sounds, so now to extend the path upto the exit, stay tuned…..


Update #2: Candles

I’m using these by Black Horizon Studios. They needed a little bit of adjustment but I’m happy now. More to come when I get them spread around the cave and rig the flickering candle...


Update #1: You Awake

I’ve decided to show you all of the design for the first level later you’ll only get snippets so as not to spoil the game. So lets start, as I mentioned on the about page you awaken in a candle lit cave, so I need a cave…


My First Post

Hi, this is the first post for THE HADRON EFFECT project please read the about page for info on the project, visit the ‘About’ page. Thank you for reading and I’ll have lots more...