What is 530Friday.com?

I have had a long standing ambition to create a computer game, so years ago I registered 530Friday.com to represent half past five on a Friday afternoon, because thats when I finished work and could start working on my ambition.

So what better place to host the blog for my first attempt at fulfilling that ambition The Hadron Effect. Maybe one day 530Friday.com will host many games created by me, I hope so…… 😉

Hi, I’m Craig. I’m working on The Hadron Effect Episode 2 to create a classic high-quality shooter problem-solving game for the Nintendo Switch & XBOX.

I developed and completed the original game Episode One as an entry for Microsoft’s Dream, Build, Play competition in 2017, and reached the final three, along the way I learned a great deal! I’m a professional business systems programmer and have worked on business systems with many companies for over 20 years, but since programming block games on the ZX-81, I’ve harboured an ambition to create a game to be proud of.

This is a huge challenge to create a first/third-person game from the ground up on my own, I’ve changed my job that took all my time up to give this its best shot, and I hope with your help I can go full time on this project. I tried very hard and waited a long time to become an Indie licensed Nintendo Switch developer so feel now is the time and want to give it my very best shot.

With EP2 for Nintendo Switch, I’ve spent a year developing my own Optimised Rendering Pipeline (NanoORP) this is an important foundation as the Nintendo Switch is not as powerful as a PC. I took this approach to get the best graphics, smoothest gameplay whilst preserving battery life.

Having finished NanoORP I now need all the financial help I can get to make this ambitious project happen. I am hoping to use Patreon as a way to involve everyone in the development of this game. Patrons will get the opportunity to access exclusive development insight, vote in community polls, and at times discuss the way forward. My first goal with your help is to go fully full-time on this project. The money will allow me to keep working on it and also allow me to find other talented people to recruit to help me along the way, with more bespoke content rather than relying primarily on assets available in the Marketplace. Using assets from other creators is the only way currently for me to make progress as I’m on my own, but hey those artists create content to sell to people like me to make into games and that’s exactly what I’m doing but I would like to recruit help to create more bespoke content.

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I’m really thankful for your support and I look forward to bring this game to life with you all!